Monday, July 16, 2012

Early Mk1 Morris Mini Traveller for Sale in Australia

A modern day 'barn find'
I was really surprised when another early internal tanked Traveller cropped up on the Ausmini forum last week. The rumours always said that there were more early woodies here, but its nice to get some confirmation. With mine and Garry's in Albury-Wodonga this makes three. This one is in Adelaide and is almost identical to mine. The chassis and FE number are about 1000 later, but the engine number is about 1000 earlier. So the two are almost twins. I've been in touch with the owner and in another coincidence, he's a Tim too. Spooky!

I've been watching with interest as he tries to work out exactly when it was built, from the numbers I'd guess a couple of weeks after mine, so early February 1961. I'm really curious as to where it was despatched after manufacture. I'd love to learn that it went to Derbyshire Motors with mine.
The trim is a bit tatty, especially the seats, but at least
its mostly all there. Its a lot more complete than mine.

Due to his personal circumstances Tim reluctantly has it up for sale, and to me it looks like a great project. Importantly the body is relatively rust free. One door is a perforated and the guttering on one side looks a bit crusty, but the floors look really good. I doubt any panels would need to be replaced (apart from that door). It has lost its engine, but that might be a good excuse to hot it up a bit and the interior and woodwork are a bit scruffy so it looks like the new buyer will be spending some cash with Newton Commercial and one of the Traveller timber suppliers.

There are heaps more photos on Tim's blog.
The all important internal tank - car could do with a clean

So if you fancy a Mini project that is a bit special, get on to Tim through the Ausmini link, or his blog and make him an offer. He has to move it soon so in real estate terms he's a 'motivated vendor'.

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  1. would have been helpful if you gave an idea of what something lick this would be worth.


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