Friday, August 5, 2011

Documents Uploaded

I've uploaded some scanned copies of documents that I've collected over the years. The documents are  hosted on the Google docs site, clicking the links in the box on the left hand side of the page will take you to the individual document. The documents can be browsed on line, downloaded or printed. Some of them are quite big files so might take a while to download.

So far I've uploaded two documents:
AKD1431 The Morris Mini - Traveller Service Parts List, January 1961 . This is a really useful document as its a full parts list for early Travellers. If you have a copy of the BMIHT CD of PDF files for the Mk1 Mini that you can still open, you will find that the parts manuals in it are for the van and pickup as well as the Traveller/Countryman and that there are separate books for mechanical parts and body parts. My scan is of a single book just for Travellers which includes mechanical and body parts. It also includes AKD3004 The Morris All-Steel Mini - Traveller Supplement, June 1961. I bought it a few years ago on ebay. It came in its original binder, which is unusual in being a long thin 'landscape' profile rather than the usual 'portrait' shape.

Parts lists are great for seeing how things go together because they have a lot of exploded diagrams, they also list the correct parts numbers, which can help you locate spare parts.

Reference M.7/1 Morris Mini Traveller Finishes and Upholsteries, April 1960. This is the colour cards and swatches mentioned in the previous blog post.

I will soon be uploading a sales brochure (its huge I have to scan it in pieces and splice it back together) and some original road tests and reports dating from when the Traveller was released.

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